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AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i

The AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i camera extends the camera range of the series to the next level. The camera has a 1/2-inch, 4MP sensor, which is specially tuned for applications that need surveillance in scenes with varying light levels. The camera has an integrated 20X optical zoom to identify people at a maximum distance of 168 meters (551 feet). The smart camera features Essential Video Analytics, which detects objects within, entering, or leaving an area or crossing a line and provides instant alerts. This feature lets operators react early and quickly to possible intrusions, and prevent damage of property or assets.


– 20X, 4MP high detail at fast speeds (60 fps)
– Starlight technology with ½ inch ultra HD sensor for excellent low-light performance
– HDR X technology delivers images with 133 dB dynamic range and fewer motion-related artifacts
– Intelligent streaming, IDNR and H.265 for a decreased bit rate of up to 80%
– Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data


AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i