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Koala 5-inch Face Recognition Access Control Terminal (W3K-45S)

The 5-inch version of the intelligent access control device is an infrared binocular 5-inch access control device based on the universal SDK provided by MEGVII. It supports online recognition of 200,000 bases and 20,000 offline recognition. It uses binocular live detection, It is used under complicated light conditions such as low light, backlight, overexposure, etc. It is widely used in office area access control. It can replace the original card swiping point to achieve intelligent identification and identity management.


-Integrated frontal flat design and full aluminum alloy shell design on the back, high value without losing quality

-Binocular deep living technology, effective defense against electronic screen and mask attacks

-200RGB + 2 million infrared HD camera, 5-inch high-definition touch screen

-Intelligent face ISP adjustment, intelligent fill light, suitable for a variety of complex light environments such as low light and back light

-Support 200,000 online 1:N, 20,000 1:N offiline

-Single recognition <0.5s, making queuing a past tense

-Support swipe down the screen, enjoy the honor

-Support wall mounted installation


Koala 5-inch Face Recognition Access Control Terminal (W3K-45S)