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Gorilla IVAR real-time video analytics technology

Gorilla IVAR™ real-time analytics technology gives insight into business and operations within a single dashboard. Protect your business with event-based solutions that effectively search and track people, vehicles, and objects. Detect suspicious events and prevent loss and shrinkage.

Milestone XProtect® VMS Integration

IVAR™ easily integrates with XProtect® to give users real-time video analytics insight from more than 40+ IVA types while offering the power to manage everything from within the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client UI. Improve government, enterprise, and retail operations by deploying IVAR™ in Milestone XProtect® today.


At-a-Glance Statistical Dashboards in IVAR™

  • Make Proactive Choices Based on Data
  • View and act on real-time event analytics.
  • Easily generate reports with meaningful data.
  • Increase operational efficiency and act on trends.

IVAR Core Capabilities

People/Face Recognition

  • Face Recognition
  • VIPs / Watchlist / Blocklist
  • Human Detection
  • Clothing Colors / Faces / Head & Shoulders
  • Face Detection
  • Gender / Age / Eyewear / Mask

Behavior Analysis

  • People Counting
  • Line Crossing
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Direction Violation
  • Direction Detection
  • Loitering Detection

Vehicle Detection/Recognition

  • Vehicle Detection & Classification
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Direction Detection
  • LPR for Specific Areas
  • License Plate Detection
  • Vehicle Analysis Summaries

Business Intelligence

  • Demographics & Traffic Flow
  • All-in-One Dashboard
  • Real-time Alerts

Post-Pandemic Area Management

  • Mask Detection
  • People Flow Management
  • Crowd Detection


Gorilla IVAR™ real-time analytics technology