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AUTODOME inteox 7000i

The INTEOX models share the same DNA as the rest of the AUTODOME camera family. They are able to locate, track and zoom in on persons of interest as they move, regardless of speed, far beyond a fixed camera’s field of view. With built-in video analytics as standard, the AUTODOME inteox 7000i cameras provide an incredible amount of data for uses such as enforcing traffic regulations, detecting vehicles driving in the wrong direction, and delivering occupancy data for smarter, more efficient parking. AUTODOME inteox 7000i cameras run on INTEOX. Enabling app developers to develop unlimited software apps based on a common language. System integrators can customize security solutions by adding apps and deploying them into INTEOX cameras.


– Open platform that allows third-party apps from the Application store from Security & Safety Things
– Starlight technology with excellent low-light performance and High dynamic range of 120 dB to see detail in difficult light conditions
– Flexible streaming capabilities powering three independent streams
– Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics alert operators in case of unusual scene activity
– Exceptional reliability with 3-year warranty (including on moving parts)


AUTODOME inteox 7000i