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Senturian Sound Analytics and Senturian Neurolytics is now fully integrated with the Milestone X Protect system.

Senturian Sound Analytics:
SEN1000i collects various sounds and analyzes them through deep learning, discerning abnormal sound such as screaming, “ Help me “ , vehicle crashed, etc. At the same time, analyzes the direction of the sound source and immediately triggers alarm events in VMS. It can also point CCTV cameras (PTZ control) automatically toward the source, for recording crime occurrence in blind spots and alerts the security personals simultaneously.

  • Detects desired abnormal sounds via deep learning
  • Provides site-specific optimization via noise removal algorithms and far-ranging sound learning
  • Minimizes blind-spot crime occurrence via CCTV camera movement in the direction of abnormal sound
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels for abnormal sound detection via various filters
  • Displays sound wave patterns from detected abnormal sound
  • Can apply different learning database for different sound detectors
  • 1 server covers 50 channels

Senturian Neurolytics:
Senturian Neurolytics is AI Empowered Behavior aware video analytics solution fully integrated with Milestone XProtect with high accuracy in detecting various human behavior, like falling, violence, loitering, and, various dangers, like, fire or smoke, dumping, intrusion etc.. Moreover, abnormal sound detection can help to enhance the security by alerting on screaming, crying and crying for help happenings.

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