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Vueron LiDAR Solution – View.Two

Following View.One, the autonomous driving LiDAR solution, View.Two, a smart LiDAR solution to create a smart city, was born.

View.Two helps people live in a safer world without disrupting privacy, day or night. It can detect, classify, and track physical security breaches in any environment. View.Two, in cooperation with other sensors and systems, can be applied to traffic management, energy management, intelligent infrastructure, and more in a smart city.

It will be a core technology for building the infrastructure of smart cities by connecting with various systems and services.



Ambitious start with experts from autonomous driving industry

Vueron Technology is a tech start-up by engineers from an autonomous driving lab in a global OEM. Devoted to technological development with the core belief of creating a safe world with LiDAR solutions, Vueron has concentrated on making the perfect solution to detect all objects. Eventually, View.Two, a smart LiDAR solution, was born based on AI algorithm to maximize LiDAR usage.

The world’s first autonomous driving by using only one LiDAR

Vueron stands out for its LiDAR solutions and autonomous driving technology. Vueron received one of the few self-driving permits issued by the South Korean government, and is the only company to have received the permit by using only one LiDAR sensor. Following the receipt of the government permit, Vueron executed a fully automated, 414 kilometer, LIDAR-only drive from the capital city of Seoul to the southern port city of Busan, at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The mandated safety driver on board did not hold the steering wheel once during the full five hours of the drive.

Essential for LiDAR application

Without Vueron solutions, LiDAR sensors just show basic information consisting of a bunch of dots. Vueron transforms these 3D dots into valuable information for customers. Vueron aims to create a safer life and a smarter world by providing LiDAR solutions that can be applied to various applications through continuous technological evolution. These solutions cover not only autonomous driving systems, but also intelligent transportation systems (ITS), smart factories, smart security, smart cities, and more


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