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Video Structuring Application Platform

The video structuring platform use Megvii original Al recognition algorithm for face, body and vehicle, as well as the industry-leading RelD recognition algorithm, this will perform structuring analysis for faces, human body, cars and some special flags. The platform provides such research, judgment and analysis tools including image search, drawing search and real-time trajectory tracking .The platform also has visual operation and maintenance functions, and unified authority management function, these functions will help users to extract and identify key information in massive video and image data quickly.


Online Structuring Analysis
This system could manage smart cameras, it provides interface to perform the detection, tracking and attribute analysis of faces, human bodies and vehicles in the video stream, and output structuring data that meets the definition of industry standards.

Offline Structuring Analysis
To perform upload and analysis of massive video/picture flies. It provides interface to perform the detection tracking and attribute analysis of faces, human bodies and vehicles in the video stream, and eventually output structured data that meets the definition of industry standards.

This platform provides industry-leading Re-Identification pedestrian / vehicle identification algorithms, which aims at providing powerful algorithmic support for applications such as human and vehicle mapping, cross-camera target tracking and so on.

Face-Vehicle Association Query
This platform provides ID binding of the vehicle & the front passenger’s face in a typical monitoring scene, so that the related checking vehicles by faces and checking faces by vehicles is realized.

Visual Operation and Maintenance
The platform supports real-time monitoring and warning of the status of hard­ ware in each node and the system core service, as well as dynamic visualization display.

Drawing Search
The platform provides a set of portrait tools that meet the operational habits and requirements of the police. Including portrait search function which can be used in the image search and cross-camera target tracking. Users can flexibly and freely search for people with details such as clothing styles, colors, LOGOs and striped backpacks. At last, the trajectory of its results will be displayed on the map based on time and space information.

Task Calendar
The task calendar management mode supports time-sharing scheduling mechanism for different tasks based on cameras, which assists users in maximizing the use of computing resources and achieves refined presentation and management in calendar mode.

System Compatibility
Seamlessly compatible with major manufacturers’ video surveillance platforms, such as milestone, etc.


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