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SecuRex Video Wall 65″ (4K) Professional LED Monitor

Professional 4K ultra-high-definition LED splicing screen unit, using internationally renowned brand panels, LED backlight, more uniform brightness of the display unit, no border shadow phenomenon. Industrial grade design, the service life is much higher than that of ordinary liquid crystal display units, which can be as long as 50,000 hours. It has rich interfaces and can receive various signals such as DP, DVI, HDMI, VGA, CVBS, etc.


65″ (4K) Professional LED Monitor Splicing Screen Unit

Application scenarios

It is suitable for monitoring centers, dispatching command centers, commercial display and other places, and provides high-definition video image display.

Key Features

  • LED backlight, high brightness, high contrast, low power consumption, clear picture layering
  • 8.3 million picture elements 4K ultra-high definition display, physical resolution 3840×2160
  • High static contrast ratio, which greatly enhances the color expression, thus ensuring the ideal presentation of the picture level
  • 8bits-True, 16.7M display color, with excellent color reproduction ability
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical up to 1780
  • Full hardware architecture, no CPU and operating system; no risk of virus infection, good security
  • Startup time less than 10 seconds; the LCD panel responds very quickly in 8ms, providing accurate tracking of high-speed moving objects
  • Embedded 3D video bright color separation circuit unit; 3D progressive processing and frame rate normalization conversion circuit unit; 3D digital signal noise reduction unit, clear image, excellent color reproduction
  • Attractive stitching seam
  • Support splicing curtain wall and screen dislocation compensation
  • The unique internal splicing function and seamless adjustment function can eliminate the dislocation of the splicing screen connection caused by the display frame. Support any combination of M*N curtain wall
  • Various signal options, built-in mixed matrix function
  • Support variety of splicing plans
  • Unique transmission protocol, never delay, no compression
  • 7×24 hours continuous and stable work
  • USB power-on upgrade function, convenient for on-site debugging and construction
  • V_BY_ONE point-to-point display, make the screen to display an image that exactly matches the source
  • Support PC RS232 signal centralized control, after multi-level series connection, one PC can control up to 265 monitors at the same time
  • Built-in random code soft address setting, the soft address can be set by a unique random code, and the soft address replaces the hardware address, which is convenient for on-site construction
  • Boot LOGO splicing function, according to the customer’s needs, to configure the LOGO display, to achieve better publicity display effect
  • Industrial-grade built-in power supply, wide voltage range, can work normally at AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, safe and reliable, high stability
  • Ultra-thin and fast maintenance design, can be embedded (combined curtain wall installation), wall-mounted installation
  • Metal shield shell to shield electromagnetic interference
  • Automatic temperature control system, eddy current ventilation heat loop cooling system design, making life longer
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption, low calorific value, suitable for long-term continuous work

Product Catalogue

SecuRex 4K 65inch display specification (Eng Version)