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MultiHaul™ PtP 60GHz Radio Link

MultiHaul™ PtP is a gigabit radio link operating over congestion-free millimeter waves. It brings the advantages of mmWave – gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and always-on reliability – to a cost-effective small form factor PtP solution. MultiHaul™ PtP is a plug & play system designed for easy deployments, taking advantage of patent-pending scanning antennas that auto-align focused beams, and enables Gigabit connectivity at up to 400 meters range, as well as robust planning and management tools.



  • Physically immune narrow beams provide reliable, virtually interference free operation
  • AES encryption, TU/port isolation and 802.1x combine to secure the network
  • Dynamically adjusts upload and download capacity to align throughput with demand, significantly enhancing the user experience
  • cTUs – the industries smallest TU (Similar in size to a smart phone) available in multiple colors with the same range and throughput of larger units
  • Simplified TU configuration with assigned name and auto-provisioning: BU stores configurations of TUs, uniquely identified by logical name such as location-id or circuit id
  • Integrated managed PoE switch for straightforward connection and powering of multiple devices
  • Easy street level and rooftop site acquisition and installation with a ½-liter slim and small radio​


MultiHaul™ PtP 60GHz Radio Link