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Face Recognition Application Platform

Insight Surveillance System with Megvii’s original algorithm and platform, to analyze the people’s portraits & features in massive videos and pictures, so as to provide the police with image analysis through massive face data and model materials.


Dynamic Portrait Checkpoint
This platform could automatically identify the passers on the video screen in the city-level population database, and send an alarm to the police when it is necessary

Static Searching Function
Based on permanent resident population database, transient population database, historical videos and pictures, this platform provide the interface to compare real-time  information with the existing billion-level database and feedback comparison results in seconds, providing big data query for the public security department

Research & Analysis Tool
Using the algorithm model of graph detection and the fuzzy image search technology, the target range of suspects can be easily identified. This platform helps public security departments establish a new police mode to improve the efficiency of cracking cases.

One File Per Person
According to the facial features, this platform forms a portrait information file by aggregating portraits of the same person captured at different times and in different locations from the massive captured images.


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