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Smaller, faster, and higher-resolution PTZ cameras with up to 4K resolution and powerful IR illumination

i-PRO is introducing 16 new, high-speed pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras with up to 4K resolution and powerful IR illumination. Called Rapid PTZ i-PRO has the new models as part of our X and S Series line-up. The new PTZ cameras are the smallest in their category and feature comprehensive edge AI capabilities and a broad range of resolution options.

Thanks to the small form factor, the new i-PRO Rapid PTZ cameras can be discreetly deployed. With pan and tilt speeds up to 700°/s, operators are assured quick and precise surveillance coverage as they move the camera through multiple pre-set positions in the blink of an eye.

1. Innovative New Form Factor PTZ

Thanks to their small form factor, the new cameras can be discretely deployed. With pan and tilt speeds up to 700°/s (*for pan speed), operators are assured quick and precise surveillance coverage. Powerful IR LED capabilities enable the cameras to monitor in complete darkness up to 250 meters (820.2ft) while advanced analytics and AI-based auto-tracking make sure that persons and vehicles of interest stay locked on target and in focus.

2. Edge AI Capability

All Rapid PTZ models include AI-based edge processing to detect motion for people, including direction of travel, line-crossing, and loitering. The cameras use AI object detection to precisely track objects as they move within the camera’s field of view. AI Sound classification are also included when an external microphone is added. Additional AI apps can be installed as required for vehicle detection, occupancy detection, Privacy Guard masking, and scene change detection. Up to three AI apps in total are supported on the 4K/6MP models and up to two AI apps are supported on the 2MP models. Privacy Guard is a unique i-PRO feature that masks/blurs the bodies or faces of individuals with edge-based processing in the camera.

Find more about AI Applications… Learn more

3. Easy Deployment

Featuring a discreet design that allows for direct installation on low ceilings or eaves on rooftops, the new Rapid PTZ models includes i-PRO’s new fail-safe waterproof ethernet connector along with multiple mounting options. For the ultimate protection from corrosive environments such as salt water, all X Series Rapid PTZ models are ISO 14993 rated to withstand the harshest conditions.

4. Durability

Many PTZ cameras utilize a belt drive system which deteriorates with use. Belts stretch over time leading to less precision when panning to the desired area in the scene. i-PRO PTZ cameras rely on gears to deliver consistent, repeatable panning accuracy and require no routine maintenance avoiding system downtime.

5. Cybersecure

i-PRO’s Rapid PTZ cameras are FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified thanks to their use of an EdgeLock secure element which supports identity-based authentication, strong encryption and an extra layer of security that protects critical security parameters on the device. ​This makes the i-PRO Rapid PTZ models the only FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified PTZs on in the market.

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