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90% of LONGSPAN products are for outdoor applications, like IP-CCTV on a building perimeter. We are now proposing LONGSPAN / LONGSPAN MAX QUAD instead of the traditional Industrial Media Convertor / Industrial Switch Solution respectively.


Below is the application diagram for the traditional fibre + Media convertor/ switch solution. Considering a requirement of IP-CCTV installation 500 Mtrs away from the IDF, the Following things have to be arranged for the connection.

  • Deploy 500 Mtrs of Fiber + Power cable
  • Termination of fibre and power cable on both ends + All its accessories.
  • Active equipment at both ends.
  • IP67/68 Rated Enclosure at field side.

With LONGSPAN Solution it is as simple as pulling a Cat6 Cable to the camera end and adds LONGSPAN devices on both ends.

The Fiber solution takes about 2 Hrs on an average for preparing the enclosure box with splicing on both ends whereas LONGSPAN Solution takes about less than 2-5 Minutes on the enclosure side, all you have to do is to crimp an RJ45 plug.

If you consider 10 of such points, fibre solution takes 20 Hrs just for the enclosure preparation and our solution takes hardly half an hour. Thus Veracity’s solution saves a lot of costs in terms of material cost as well as time. The picture of a typical field-side Enclosure Box with Fiber/ Power Termination and Industrial switches is as follows.


A cost comparison has been done between traditional Fiber Solution Vs LONGSPAN Solution considering the scenario of 10 Nos of IP_CCTV deployment that is 500 Mtrs far from the IDF.

The cost for fibre solution considered below is the real buying cost of a system integrator of Mid-Level brands available in the Qatar market. The Cost of the same will raise if considering the top-end, Non-Chiese country of origin brands.

We are making a cost-benefit of about 40% using LONGSPAN Solution, This will vary depending on each requirement, however, we will make a significate cost-benefit using Veracity’s solution.

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