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As we enter the AIoT age, many existing 2-wire intercom systems fail to meet residents’ increasing security and convenience needs. Akuvox’s 2-wire residential SIP video intercom solution is perfect for upgrading outdated systems over the existing infrastructure.

  • Cost-saving by reusing existing cables
  • Upgrade of intercom functions
  • Fit for projects of various scales

System Overview


Solution Features

Easy Intercom Retrofitting

There is no need to carry out expensive, time-consuming rewiring for the building. Installers can just reuse the existing 2-wire cables to install the intercom devices. In addition, the R20A-2 door phone has a compact size and supports on-wall, in-wall, and angled installations, which can suit most building environments.

Fit for Projects Large or Small

The solution boasts a long data transmission distance of up to 300 meters between devices and excellent compatibility with the existing wiring of most old buildings. With the support of Akuvox’s 2-wire IP network switch, NS-2, the system can be expanded for larger installs.

Exceptional Audio and Video Quality

Most traditional 2-wire intercom systems only support audio communication between visitors and residents, which leads to lower security and poor resident experience. With Akuvox’s smart intercom solution, residents can enjoy crystal clear audio communication with visitors as well as seeing them before remotely granting or denying access.

Convenient App-based Features

By subscribing to the Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom services, residents will be able to enjoy rich intercom features from their smartphones, including video calls, remote door unlocking, video monitoring, alarm push notifications, and receiving community notices.

Remote System Management

Akuvox offers on-premise or cloud-based management systems. Both offer remote deployment, operation, and maintenance of a large number of devices via a web browser, helping save time and money, especially with large installations.

Easy Integration with 3rd-Party Systems

Akuvox’s systems are easy to integrate with various 3rd-party systems to offer residents more benefits. For example, the indoor monitor can integrate with IP cameras to stream live videos. It’s also possible to connect it with various alarm sensors to enhance home security.



Palm-Size Door Phone



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