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Thanks for attending SQX Online Solution Day Q4 2021

SQX Online Solution Day Q4 2021 were held on 7 & 14 December 2021 with 2 consecutive Tuesday sessions. Over 150 participants attended the 2 webinars, in which we introduced 2 of our latest advanced smart solutions that may just make the life of operation staff much easier.

In session 1 we have invited Veracity, a company which based in UK and specialise in network hardware and software for security management, to introduce us their latest invention – Viewspan video wall controller. Viewspan solo can control 25 channels at a time easily with very user friendly interface which integrated with Milestone. (查看更多)

In session 2 we have invited Intelexvision. Their latest video analytic software, iSentry, is able to maximise the performances of security operators by detecting unusual behaviours through AI deep learning, which saves hours of playback time. (查看更多)

Watch the webinar replay