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Welcome to Milestone’s first product update of 2021! This time is all about adding clarity, simplifying compatibility, and improving control over your VMS. XProtect 2021 R1 introduces:

  • Improved situational Awareness
    extending the possibilities with Smart Map adding five new features, that makes you see the whole picture.
  • Video Excellence
    functions focusing on efficiency and support a continuous operation by cutting down Recording Server start-up and repair time, so you can minimize downtime and continue your work as quickly as possible.
  • Camera and device flexibility
    where you can now perform firmware upgrades for your devices directly from within XProtect, increase the cap on drivers, and discover the new device packs.
  • User experience
    where we have added improvements in both the XProtect Smart Client and XProtect Mobile
  • Other improvements
    that include updates to our license models, simplification to license use for affiliated companies and expanded support for 360-degree cameras.

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