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StorNext File System

StorNext File System

Increase productivity and reduce time to critical business insights with StorNext® File System. StorNext architecture delivers the necessary performance to get your business moving forward.



Connectivity Options
Client can connect via FC, iSCSI, iSER/ RDMA, and IB.

Scalable Performance
Parallel access across macOS, Windows, and Linux.

High Storage Services Performance
Up to 23 GB per second on a single stream, sub-millisecond latency across 2,500 parallel streams, supports 6,500 concurrent streams.

Flexible Software-Defined Architecture
Deployment options align with application workflow requirements. Adjust performance tier per working data set.

Automate Data Lifecycle Management
Fluid movement of data from high performance tiers to nearline tier ensuring data security, integrity, and accessibility throughout its lifecycle.

Ecosystem Integration and Support with Open APIs
StorNext is a POSIX-compliant file system with a standard set of APIs and a broad ecosystem of integrated and certified applications.


StorNext File System